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New Beginnings (Easyplant)

New Beginnings (Easyplant)

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The secret to serenity
Welcome a touch of nature into your home with this carefully curated collection of six exquisite houseplants, each chosen to transform the look and feel of any indoor space with its unique beauty. This collection includes a small Heartleaf Philodendron with glossy, vibrant heart-shaped foliage; a small Rattlesnake Calathea with an eccentric reptilian pattern on its leaves; a medium Green Snake plant with mesmerizing swatches of silver and sage; a medium Red Anthurium that brings out the best and brightest in any space it inhabits; a large Golden Snake plant with tall vibrant green leaves edged with streaks of sunshine; and a large Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush with massive and vibrant lyre-shaped leaves.

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