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The Exotic Sanctuary (Easyplant)

The Exotic Sanctuary (Easyplant)

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The pet-friendly instant jungle


In this collection, you’ll receive twelve luscious pet-friendly houseplants that instantly transform any space into a beautiful, green indoor jungle. The set includes a small Rattlesnake Calathea with eccentric reptilian patterned leaves; a small Hoya Tricolor with marvelous variegations of pink and white; a small Marxii Calathea with grand emblem-shaped leaves covered in bold strokes; a medium Birds’ Nest Fern bursting with wavy fronds; a medium Prayer Plant Lemon Light wearing velvety green leaves with arching neon veins; a medium Ponytail Palm – a resilient succulent with a flowing mane of leaves; two large Parlor Palms requiring little light to deliver absolute radiance; a huge Majesty Palm with elegant fronds and graceful curves; a large Money Tree, that symbolizes good fortune and prosperity; a huge areca palm with exquisite narrow green leaves, and a huge Cat Palm with tall, slender trunks resembling bamboo.

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